About Us

The name New City is a metaphor for the practices and service mentality of the company. It elicits the idea that we provide quality and efficient services to our clients in a unique way not typically seen in the insurance industry. As the business has grown over time with employees and clients, our goal is to maintain strong client-agent relationships with a foundation of respect and trust, like that of a community – or a city, if you will.

Our focus is on service and surpassing client expectations. Our agents are not here to sell you something; they are here to make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision about what products are right for you, your business, your family.

Unlike most insurance companies, New City Insurance has experts equipped to handle every aspect of the small business, including accounting services (i.e. payroll/CPA), commercial insurance, and financial services. We offer an array of services at a considerable discount thanks to our position as a representative of many small businesses throughout California and Colorado.

Why use a San Diego small business insurance agentWhy Use an Agent?
Expert advice with no additional cost.
Why use New City Insurance for your San Diego small business?Why New City Insurance
We employ industry leaders across all fields related to the small business.