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When looking for health insurance, the benefits of using an agent are clear. Agent services come at no cost to you, the client, because agents are compensated from the carrier directly. The true advantage in utilizing an agent comes from their knowledge of the local physician networks and the compatability of those nteworks with the available insurance options. When searching for an agent, it is important to make sure they represent all of the major carriers so that you are getting the best value. With an agent, you get an expert on your side to help when shopping for plans and someone to help you on the customer service side once you have chosen a plan.

Insurance carriers are not always known for their customer service. Having an agent, allows you to have your questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner, without having to wait on hold for hours with the insurance company.

The decision to use an insurance agent is an easy one. The real question is which agent is best for you. NCI agents are not only quick and efficient when it comes to answering client requests, but we also represent all the major carriers in California, including Covered California. We are able to show you all the plans in the current marketplace and will give our expert advice to help you choose the plan that is right for you.

Property & Casualty Insurance

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Since every business is different, every business needs different levels of coverage to ensure adequate protection from unforeseen and detrimental events. Property and Casualty experts at New City Insurance are fully qualified to diagnose your business and determine the correct coverage levels for your business.

As an independent agency, New City Insurance can offer plans from any insurance carrier admitted to the California market. So once we determine the level of coverage necessary for your company, we can shop around to the insurance carriers to find you the best price.

As an added bonus for using New City Insurance as your agent, NCI does not charge broker fees for property and casualty policies, while many of our competitors do.

Workers’ compensation coverage is required by law for all businesses, and business insurance is extremely important for guaranteeing the long term success of your company. We understand this importance, and do our best to provide you with the best coverage at the best price.



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