Dental InsuranceFor most businesses, offering dental plans alongside the health care plans allows for an affordable, viable benefits package for the employees and owners. Dental plans at the group rate typically offer stronger benefits that are not available at the individual and family level of dental plans. Comparable plans are generally cheaper when offered from an employer rather than purchased from the individual dental market.

New City Insurance agents are knowledgeable regarding the different dental providers, their networks, and the benefits offered by each carrier. We have been helping small businesses in California for years sign up for the most appropriate dental plan for them.

We represent all of the major dental insurance carriers in California, so New City Insurance agents are able to show you all of the plans and pricing available in the California marketplace. We will present the plans to your business in a concise, easy to understand proposal that will allow you to analyze and compare the pertinent benefits and pricing to determine the best plan for you.

dental companiesAt New City Insurance, we negotiate the best possible prices for our clients. Shopping direct to each carrier can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. Our services include helping you find the best plan for you, rather than you having to shop and compare with each carrier individually, and helping you with any questions or concerns during the duration of your dental coverage.

Some of the carriers we represent include MetLife, Delta, Principal, Guardian, Health Net, Blue Shield, and Anthem. All of the carriers offer their own unique plans with differing benefits. Contact New City Insurance and our friendly, educated staff will help you to find which dental insurance carrier fits best with your California business.

Please see our Employee Benefits section to learn what else New City Insurance can offer for your business.

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