Fourth Quarter Health Renewals

What to Expect from the Carriers

Each carrier is treating the new Grandmothering legislation differently. If your business is up for renewal in the fourth quarter of this year (October, November, or December), then this guide will outline how your current California carrier is handling Grandmothered plans.

For those who do not know, Grandmothering allows businesses with fourth quarter renewals the option to continue with their pre-2014 plans for one more year as long as they meet the Minimum Essential Coverage Guidelines from the Affordable Care Act.


Aetna – Will not be offering the Grandmothering options. Businesses wishing to renew with Aetna will have to enroll in a 2014 plan.

Anthem – Will be allowing fourth quarter groups to Grandmother. To do so, groups must notify the carrier by the 10th of the month before the date of renewal.

Blue Shield – Grandmothering will be allowed with Blue Shield groups. These groups must notify the carrier that they would like a Grandmothered plan by the end of their renewal month. Husband and wife groups will be eligible for a Grandmother renewal.

Health Net – Will be offering the Grandmothering plan options. Just as Blue Shield, these groups have until the end of the month of renewal to notify the carrier to opt-in to a Grandmother plan.

Kaiser – Will be allowing Grandmothering options. October renewal groups were required to opt-in by 8/15. November and December renewal groups are required to opt-out by 30 days prior to their renewal effective date.

Sharp – Not participating in Grandmothering plans at this time.

United Health Care – Will be Grandmothing plans on an opt-out basis, meaning groups will be required to send in notice to United Health Care to not be added to the Grandmothered plans.


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