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Property & Casualty insurance is insurance on homes, cars, real property, and business operations. Property insurance covers a person or business with physical property against its loss or the loss of its income-producing abilities. Casualty insurance protects people and businesses against legal liability for losses caused by injury to other people, damage to the property of others, or injuries to employees.

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Our goal to protect your property and business from loss by developing a customized strategy built around your insurance needs.

With our “Risk Management First” philosophy, our customers are secure in knowing that their properties and businesses are properly insured.

Through prompt communication with you and your business, we will find you the best insurance packages at the best prices.

At New City Insurance, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with prompt and personalized service. Our knowledgeable staff has expertise in all lines of property and casualty coverage, allowing us to ensure the protection of your business and your employees.

In providing you with our professional property and casualty solutions, you will be able to continue operating your business with the confidence that you are safe from unpredictable and unnecessary loss.

Recognized as one of the most experienced and professional property and casualty insurance brokers in San Diego, New City Executive Insurance Services, LLC brings you experienced professionals and the best insurance products. Drawing on the combined resources of New City Insurance, we provide the most comprehensive Property & Casualty Insurance solutions in the market

Please contact us here at New City Insurance for information on how we can help your business become more protected at the lowest cost.

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