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With Workers’ Compensation insurance, employers are insured against being sued for damages, medical care and lost wages if their employees are injured in the course of employment. Employees receive security in knowing that their families will be compensated if employment related injuries occur.

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In California, it is required by law that employers carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

There are three ways to satisfy the Workers’ Compensation Insurance requirement:

1. Through an approved private insurance company

2. Through self-insurance. This is an option for large employers who have financial resources to provide workers compensation benefits. There must be a guarantee that the injured employee will not lose his/her benefits in the event of bankruptcy of the employer.

3. Through state-funded insurance. This is available in many states and administered through state government systems

Laws and regulations regarding Workers’ Compensation are constantly changing. Our experts have an in depth and up to date understanding of Workers’ Compensation laws. Please contact us today to find the best Workers’ Compensation policy for you and your employees. For more information on Workers’ Compensation, or to get a quote, please contact us at (888) 786-5839 or email ecalciano@newcityinsurance.com

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