Small Business Solutions

As a company that started as an insurance agency, New City Insurance has grown and developed into an entity capable of helping with every aspect of your business. With the partnerships NCI has formed, we are able to provide our clients with top of the line service either directly from our team or from one of our trusted business partners often for prices below the market value.

Business Consulting Services

We Custom Tailor Our Services to Meet Your Needs

We take a very personalized approach with our clients by understanding their unique needs. This includes reviewing retirement benefits developed in the past under previous laws and tax codes. We will recognize the unique needs of each client and then carry our insight over as we approach employee education. No two employees or retirees have identical financial needs, circumstances or financial goals. We help employees tailor retirement plans to their own individual needs. This is essential, if employees are to benefit and reap the benefits of their own planning and labor.

NCI and our partners offer the following services for business solutions: human resources, accounting, legal, financial, and web. We are happy show you what NCI can do for you in any of these aspects.

Retirement and Profit Sharing Plans

We work hard to help ensure you get products and solutions to meet your needs. We compare products and solutions from many providers to ensure you get the most competitive proposal. The expertise and experience at New City Insurance and our partners is a shared with our clients in tailoring options for your company.

From conceptulization through implementation, and recordkeeping through support, we make retirement planning work for you.

The options available to our clients include:

• 401(k) Plans

• Profit-Sharing, Simple Plans –IRA and 401(k)
• Defined Contribution Plans
• Defined Benefit Consulting
• Third Party Administration
• Executive Compensation Planning
• Supplemental Retirement Program Design
• Employer Education and Employee Financial Education Programs
• Investments
• Retirement Plan Development and Consulting

Instead of going to a variety of different companies to help protect and serve your business, come to NCI to get all of these services in one place at a great value.


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