Top 10 Reasons to Choose NCI

1. Customer Service

We do not make you wait on hold like the carriers or the goliath brokers. Our response is immediate. Every aspect of our business revolves around what is best for our clients. We understand that by helping your company grow in any way we can, we will form long lasting business relationships.

2. No Broker Fees

Because health insurance prices are fixed by law, there are no broker fees associated with health insurance in California. Basically, our services come at no cost to you, the client.

3. Representative of all the carriers

We offer plans from all the major carriers in California.

4. Reduced Payroll, HR, and Accounting Costs

New City Insurance has formed business partnerships with other local businesses in Southern California. These local businesses offer significant discounts to our clients due to the volume of business we service. In some cases, we are able to provide services, such as payroll, at no cost to our clients!

5. Handle all lines of insurance

Whether you are interested in group health, life, disability, dental, vision, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, or any other insurance need. NCI is suited to provide all lines of insurance in house to our group business clients in California.

6. State of the Art Technology

For those that want it, we can make the application process totally digital. E-signatures and fillable PDF forms can be used to streamline paperwork to get information sent to the carriers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

7. Developed Relationships with Local Carrier Representatives

We have formed lasting relationships with local representatives in Southern California for all the major health insurance carriers. This translates into added benefits for our clients, because we have access to a wealth of knowledge from these representatives and can negotiate special circumstances for our clients with these representatives.

8. Simple and Effective Presentations

We present health care options to our new group business clients and each following year for renewals. Our screen-sharing technology allows us to present proposals to our clients using a live format, so we can breakdown any aspects of health plan options using a visual medium. Our clients often attest to the effectiveness of our presentations in that our clients are able to discern the important factors in choosing a health plan and make an educated decision for which plan is right for them.

9. Knowledge

Our local experts are continually educated on market changes to give our customers the best, most up to date information.

10. Passion

New City Insurance only hires and partners with people and businesses that have passion for what they do. Here at NCI, we have a passion for helping our clients and being the best insurance brokers available. We believe that passion is what separates those that are good from those that are great.


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